Monday 3 September 2018

Let's talk packaging

I know, with a catchy title like that how could you not read this exciting blog about product packaging?! Seriously though, when I set up my Etsy shop one of my biggest concerns was getting the packaging right. I’m a big fan of buying through Etsy myself and love the extra care and attention sellers put into packaging up their creations.

I've started with peach packaging, but it may change

Etsy has such a wonderful community of makers, and I’m lucky enough to call many of these sellers my friends, and I know they all desperately want their customers to love the things they are buying. Part of this is making sure they arrive promptly and safely, but it’s also in the joy of opening a nicely presented package.

I love these gold polka dot bags 

While I was in the process of setting up my shop many people questioned why it was taking me so long to go live. I explained that without the proper packaging there was no point starting to sell products. It honestly took me months to locate the bags, boxes, paper and ribbon I was happy with before going live with the shop, and even now I’m continually on the lookout for improved packaging options.

Many customers tell me they reuse the packaging

I think Julie Andrews had the right idea when she sang “brown paper packages wrapped up in string”, creating or opening beautiful packages is one of my favourite things.

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