Saturday 1 February 2020

DIY shoes

When I started spending more time sewing and crafting I didn’t think I’d spend so much time making, or personalising, shoes! My first foray was supergluing individual flat-backed gems onto a tiny pair of toddler Adidas trainers. This yielded fairly speedy results and received no end of compliments, not least from the tiny fashionista who would be wearing the finished shoes. 
Aren't they sweet! 
My next attempt was a little more adventurous: hand painting a pair of white satin shoes. I spotted brand new, end of season stock, plain white satin wedding shoes in a local charity shop and took a pair home to customise for a friend. She’s a big fan of The Wizard of Oz and Wicked, so a yellow brick road design with hints of the ruby slippers and the emerald city were my inspiration. I was really happy with the results, although I’ve yet to find another pair of bargain priced white satin shoes for sale so I can make myself a pair!

Most recently my cobbler skills have been embracing making custom espadrilles. The are ready-made soles on the market with easy instructions to make your own pair of summer shoes, which meant it was perfect to unleash my creativity. I really like patches on shoes and also was sure to select strong fabrics that are likely to survive walking. The fabric parts have to be hand sewn onto the premade soles so if you fancy making your own pair I recommend a thimble as it can be a bit stiff at times. In future, I might attempt some needle felted designs on shoes, make them even more special.
I love this happy little corgi patch
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