Saturday 1 June 2019

Reversible benefits – going ‘Inside Out’

I’m often asked what ‘Inside Out Oatcakes’ means, especially by those poor souls not fortunate enough to have ever tried a North Staffordshire oatcake. Around Stoke-on-Trent an oatcake is like a fluffy oat-based pancake, and they are heavenly for breakfast! Anyway, as I’m not originally from Stoke my local friends mocked me when they realised I ate mine with the dark side on the outside – a Stokie sin. Sorry guys, I just prefer my oatcakes inside out! 

However, the name means a bit more than that. I don’t like leaving raw or unfinished edges on my sewing projects and try to keep everything I make super neat both on the outside and inside. This attention to detail has meant many of my designs are easily reversible. A well lined bag will not only be strong but also neat enough to flip inside out, perfect for occasions when you might prefer the pockets on the inside or the outside.
Reversible Christmas skirt
Children’s clothes often lend themselves to being reversible too, especially since children have a handy habit of growing very fast! Getting two looks from a reversible skirt means you get a bit more for your money, especially on seasonable purchases, like Christmas themed skirts.
Flip it and reverse it 
Going forward, I’m aiming to try and make a wider variety of items that look just as good on the inside as the outside, and wherever possible can be flipped inside out to get even more use from an item.

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