Monday 1 October 2018

The benefits of trying something new (and not being good at it)

I‘m lucky enough to be friends with some extremely talented – and patient – people, several of which are a crochet superstars. A few months ago, we had a meet up where my friends and I all brought goodies for a buffet, wine, tea and more wine, and sat about learning to crochet over a tipple one grey afternoon. 

My first ever granny square

The aforementioned patient friends helped me tie a slipknot, do some kind of mysterious casting on thingy, and after many hours produce my own little wonky granny square. A serious crochet fan would probably be able to make a solitary granny square in about half an hour, but I was so proud of my little square, and all its faults. I love trying new skills without pressuring myself to have any expectation to be ‘good’ at it.

Getting to grips with the hook 

It made me think of the constant testing that seems to be creeping into primary schools across the country, which must undoubtedly demoralise children. It’s turning them away from subjects they enjoy as they believe they should only spend their time on things they are ‘good’ at. Children, and big kids like me, will always benefit from trying new skills, engaging bits of their brains they don’t usually use, applying all they know to solve new problems and then, potentially, with practise, learning to master these skills and develop further. And even if they don’t turn into a professional, there’s much to said for a hobby that makes you happy.

When I got home I attempted to make one more, all on my own!

I haven’t done any more crocheting since that lovely afternoon, but the hook and the yarn sit in my cupboard ready for me to have another go soon. I’m happy knowing that I don’t have to be brilliant at everything I do, because wouldn’t it be boring if there was nothing left to learn? 

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