Thursday 1 June 2017

Father's Day gifts that aren't socks

New socks are pretty great but they aren’t up there with a PS4 on the thrill scale. Here are a few ideas of alternative gifts for Father’s Day.

Homemade sweet treats – it seems like every Dad I know is a secret sugar addict, find an old timey sweet shop and they’ll struggle to leave without pockets full of treats that would make your average dentist grimace. Homemade macaroons look super impressive and I can confirm from experience aren’t actually that hard to make, you just need to follow the recipe well!

These may look dull but they taste amazing!
A day at the beach – don’t make this a weather dependent trip either, just check in advance that there’s beachside fish and chips and a pub or CafĂ© nearby (depending on if you need a warming coffee or a cooling beer) and dress for the weather. There’s nothing like a sea breeze to blow the cobwebs away.

The famous, and beautiful, Whistling Sands in North Wales
A new boardgame – and I’m not talking a crusty old game of Monopoly where your dog ate the thimble 30 years ago and you’ve been using your Nan's sewing thimble ever since. There are some pretty amazing boardgames around that you can play with the whole family. We’ve been enjoying Bananagrams recently, with Pears in Pairs for little ones. Also, the Mensa approved Forbidden Island is fantastic for families as it’s a collaborative game whereby you work as a team for a common goal: perfect to play while eating those macaroons.

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