Tuesday 1 January 2019

New year, new plans needed for days out

I really love exploring the UK and going for days out. Last year I had National Trust membership and enjoyed many happy afternoons discovering old buildings before retiring to the obligatory café for a coffee and cake. Membership was quite reasonable when I consider just how many days out I managed to cram in.

Little Moreton Hall

Another seminal day out was Legoland. I’d wanted to go for years, having heard so many lovely reviews, but I must admit I was not very impressed when I went. It was a Christmas special so there was a slightly reduced entry cost as many attractions were shut, but everything seemed a bit…tired I suppose. The Santa we visited was amazing but there wasn’t a cohesive level of attention to detail across the park. Some places seemed exceptionally well kept, while others looked positively ropey. I won’t be heading back there anytime soon, unfortunately.

At least the Star Wars stuff was cool! 

One day out I definitely did enjoy was the Eden Project, which inspired me to undertake some microbe themed crafting! The relaxing café bar in the Mediterranean terrace might have been as contrived as Legoland’s mini cities but it felt more authentic, and the nearby olive groves really set the scene. If I squinted I was in Italy, or at least Portmeirion on a sunny day. 

Closer to home, I have only just started to uncover Manchester’s many charms. The Manchester Arena is a fantastic venue. We saw Gorillaz and found the venue extremely well managed, clean and tidy without silly sized queues. The one drawback was that it was slightly too loud for me, but that might say more about my delicate ears than the venue, and luckily I’d been tipped off about a magical invention called musician’s earplugs, so I didn’t suffer for long.


I’m not sure where my next day of adventure will take me. In my experience, sometimes the best places are right in your doorstep, waiting to be discovered.

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