Monday 2 July 2018

What I learnt at my first ever Comic Con

Last year I visited my first ever Comic Con at the NEC in Birmingham. I went with friends and, as newbies, we didn’t dress up! I had an R2D2 t-shirt on, and that was about as much as I’d prepared myself for the day’s events. I needn’t have bothered really. With full sized Chewbaccas amongst the crowd a t-shirt than nods to fandom just wasn’t going to cut it. 

Strangely enough, queueing to get in and going through security was probably one of the highlights of the event. There were Stormtroopers singing ‘Let it go’ to every Elsa that passed (and there were quite a few) as well as many Deadpool Bob Ross incarnations. 

Once inside, the atmosphere of the whole event was so inclusive it felt very welcoming. We dawdled within the crowds, spotting the fantastic costumes visitors were wearing and browsing the many, many stalls. Possibly my favourite bit was the comic area where artists sat doodling and selling their own comics or graphic novels.

A gorgeous steampunk R2D2

A major highlight however was watching a real Robot War with the famous Apollo in the arena. Up close the machines were even more impressive than on TV, and the children in the audience seemed particularly in awe. 

I would definitely go back to another Comic Con, but not so much for the fighting robots, the stalls or the professional appearances, but for the guests on the day, all dressed up in their cosplay finest, looking absolutely fantastic. It was also extremely family friendly, which contributed to the relaxed feel. 

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