Friday 1 June 2018

Snug summer jacket hack

Have you finally put away your winter coat for your summer jacket but have realised it seems to have shrunk a bit since last summer? I had the same problem last year, and discovered a very easy way to improve my jacket's fit while making a bit of a style statement too.
Modelling my creations

I had a khaki green long jacket and a shorter yellow jacket that both needed adjusting. I had not long before bought some gorgeous Liberty cotton lawn fabric in a fabric sale online and decided to insert side panels that ran from cuff to hem down each side. Luckily, I have an overlocker, so I was able to ensure a professional finish with minimal effort, although there’s no reason why a similar result couldn’t be achieved with a standard sewing machine and a bit more time.

I was so happy with the finished result and have received loads of compliments. Unpicking the whole coat would have been a pain but cutting up the sides improved the fit on the body, across the shoulders (by alleviating pulling under the arms) and on the sleeves. It also works well on children’s coats where the length is still good but the middle is a bit tight.
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