Monday 1 May 2017

May bank holiday craft ideas

We’re a bit spoilt in the UK during May, we get two bank holiday weekends to spend wandering around Ikea fighting over limp hotdogs and ‘meat’balls. If following big arrows around show rooms that look infinitely better than the home you actually live in isn’t your idea of fun, why not try a few new craft projects.

Jewellery making isn’t as hard as it might appear. I found the chains, pendants and clear flat backed cabochons on eBay along with some pressed flowers from a seller in Devon. Using copper foil and glue I made these necklaces. Simple, effective and great gifts.


Simple weaving! This loom was a gift and makes adorable flower shapes, although I’m sure if I set it up differently I could make squares or something more intricate.


Shoe decorating. This is a bit more ‘out there’ perhaps, but if you search the wonderful Etsy there are many crafters selling one-off shoes. I found new white satin wedding shoes for sale in a local charity shop, and used fabric paint and stick on flat back jewels to make this Wizard of Oz themed pair for a friend who loves going to see Wicked.

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