Wednesday 6 November 2013

What's on my Christmas list

     After a remarkably mild October I have a sneaky feeling November's going to turn very cold very quickly. The 1st of November usually signals a remarkable change in shops to 90% Christmas stock, which normally I'm against but I'm feeling uncharacteristically keen to watch Home Alone, eat mince pies and make a vat of mulled wine.
     I'm generally easy to buy for; that anyone is generous enough to get me a gift in the first place warms my cockles like chestnuts on an open fire, so I'll pretty much be pleased with anything. However, just in case anyone is unsure of what to get me, here are a few ideas:
A previous batch of my Lush
pots ready for recycling
    1. Lush toiletries. You can never go wrong with a Lush gift voucher. Their shampoos and conditioners are brilliant and everything else is basically magical so if you desire my eternal gratitude start here.
    2. A magazine subscription. I love reading and will happily spend hours reading (almost) anything. Magazines through the post super excite me so make sure it’s a topic I like (lads mags no, literary reviews yes) and I’ll have a year of joy via the letter box.
    3. Food. Homemade food gifts in particular. Make a voucher inviting me to your house for dinner and I’ll be quick to cash it in. If there’s anything I like more than nice food it’s nice food I don’t have to cook myself.
     4. Interesting alcohol. Four cans of Special Brew isn’t what I have in mind here. Chocolate vodka or coconut rum however would be a wise offering. Vom Fass Marzipan Cream Liquer for example looks divine, and every Christmas cake needs a healthy dose of marzipan.
     5. A special photo of a loved one. This is a really simple gift but one I’m always happy to receive, especially when it’s cute nieces and nephews in the pictures. If it’s in a gorgeous frame even better. To me interior design means having as many lovely photos on display as possible.
    Looking at my top five now I’m thinking I should perhaps have added diamonds or Art Deco furniture to the list but in reality I’m not entirely sure that come the big day opening a bling bundle will be as fun as opening an extra large box of Ferrero Rocher – chocolate for breakfast is a festive tradition in my house. Ditto admiring a mahogany Art Deco drinks cabinet isn’t quite as enjoyable as opening a drinks cabinet and getting a winter warmer.
    Generally, I like a lazy Christmas surrounded by the people I love, which I guess is what my dream list reflects: an indulgent morning bath, good food and drink, and then doing not very much at all with my favourite people around. And best of all, seeing people’s smiles when they open the gifts I got them.

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