Wednesday 6 November 2013

Time for tea

    Apart from the prevalence of grey skies, the love of dismal soap operas, and a fickle attitude towards the monarchy, one thing that is commonly acknowledged as a binding ingredient of British culture is the amber nectar: tea. So I thought I’d give a quick rundown of my top tea destinations.
    1. Coombe Abbey was founded in 1150 and serves a slice of history with your afternoon tea. Served in the ornate Garden Room Restaurant, be sure to explore the rest of the grounds before heading home:grandiose tea at its best.
     2. Fletchers Family Garden Centre. This is great for families as behind the tea room there’s an animal sanctuary specialising in rescued birds. It always amazes me how many people take an animal as a pet without researching the proper way to care for them. A trip here teaches kids that pets really are for life, they aren’t fancy toys.
    3. Swinfen Hall. I had a particularly delicious panna cotta here, although it was the view of the deer roaming the grounds that I loved most. A relaxing cup of tea is always enhanced by a beautiful view, and despite the unusual neighbours (a young offender institution) the views
Portmeirion's shining example
 here are nice.
     4. Portmeirion Hotel. I’ve been to Portmeirion many times, and I love the atmosphere. I’ve also undertaken a very thorough (if not official) survey of all the restaurants and cafes on the ground and can confirm that I’ve yet to be disappointed. The recently restored Art Deco hotel has hosted many celebrities so you’re in good company.
     5. In bed. The exact opposite of posh afternoon tea, there’s nothing as good as waking up to find a freshly brewed cuppa next to the bed. The rule in my house is whoever’s awake first puts the kettle on. End the day with a pint of beer perhaps but always begin it with a pint of tea.
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