Friday 1 February 2019

Supporting small businesses

As a small business owner, I love supporting other small or local businesses. Most of the people I know who work for themselves are women, which means I’m lucky enough to have a team of smart, caring and compassionate women to turn to when I need some business (or general life) advice. 

My view most days 

With Valentine’s Day approaching I’m going to make the effort to find some small designers to buy my cards from. There’s something much nicer about a card that’s been crafted with care rather than compiled to hit a bunch of key market messages a team of pompous market researchers has decided people want to see. There’s also the massive benefit that stark gender divides don’t seem as prevalent in the craft market, thankfully.

The personal touches can make all the difference

I quite enjoy making sentimental pieces as I imagine the person who will eventually go on to own the item really cherishing the meaning behind the product. Crafting has never really gone away as a hobby, but it does seem to have exploded into the mainstream in recent years, spawning a whole host of small and micro businesses. The internet has helped give people a platform and a shopfront in a way that would never have been possible before: and long may this creative diversity continue.

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