Monday 3 December 2018

In the Chic Midwiter

OK, so winter is not my favourite time of year. Although there are lots of lovely things to be found in winter (a frosty white morning, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, board games, mulled wine etc) sometimes it can be hard to appreciate them while you’re de-icing your car in sub-zero temperatures or nursing a bruised hip from a tumble on the ice.

One thing that definitely seems a better idea in the snow is a cosy steam train journey. We went on a Christmas ‘Santa and Steam’ last year and it did seem magical. The major drawback was that the carriages misted up and as it got dark early outside we couldn’t really see the rolling, snowy hillsides. Still, we did get a glass of sherry and a mince pie so that was nice. A perfect example of reality thumping down the dream.

Just as there are different types of ‘love it or hate it’ people when it comes to snow, there are different types of pets. I know some dogs who refuse to step foot in the white stuff. Luckily, with the help of a festive sweater, my dog did not have to be persuaded to enjoy the blizzards last year, he ran straight into the snowstorm for a frolic.

Another big benefit of Christmas specifically is that it becomes a time when it’s OK to be a bit soppy and tell your loved ones how much you really care about them. The clay decorations I make often become tree decorations in December, before going back to their Command hooks on display on a wall the rest of the year. So although I may be dreaming of a sunny summer, I will be enjoying a frosty white Christmas, and the insane pleasure of a new pair of mittens.
And let's not forgot Hot Chocolate - especially
when stirred with a chocolate spoon

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