Saturday 4 July 2015

You can now find me on Instagram!

     I was pretty wary for a long time but eventually I gave in and became instantly hooked on Instagram. It’s by far the best way to see what people worldwide are eating for dinner, but that’s not its only draw. Being such a keen sewing fan it’s connected me with lots of other crafty folk and it’s a fantastic place to get inspiration for new projects.
My profile – you may notice the inspiration for my logo here!
     Since it’s best accessed from a mobile phone it’s handy for just taking a snap on the go, adding a fair few (i.e. couple of dozen) hashtags and hitting ‘upload’ to share your artistic prowess with the world… or at least upload a photo of your morning cup of coffee with the always popular #caffeineaddict hashtag.
Selection of my snaps
      If you’re on Instagram and you’d like to connect you can find me at @charissesayers1 and I can pretty much guarantee almost daily updates on my sewing, my pets and all the delicious cakes that seem to materialise in our kitchen. Hope to see you there soon!
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