Friday 1 May 2015

How I refreshed an old pair of toddler shoes with fabric paint and glue on gems

      Children get through shoes at a ridiculous rate, and often are out of a pair before they’ve even scuffed them. As such hand-me-down and second hand shoes are always readily available and I’m always being passed spare pairs for my little one. One such pair was this pair of sturdy, but slightly faded, Start-Rite shoes. They’ve hardly been worn but must have been stored in the sunshine as the blue was nowhere near as vibrant as it should have been, so I decided to have a little fun revamping them.
The shoes prior to starting

      First I found some cheap fabric paint and brushes from Hobbycraft and using the blue and black paint got some pigment back into the leather. Now I won’t pretend that I have high hopes of the paint being entirely colourfast or fade resistant but these shoes were just going to be for fun not everyday wear so it wasn’t a concern.
The leather freshly painted
      Next I used the same glue, gems and tweezer technique I perfected on both my wedding shoes and the awesome Missy Elliott inspired Adidas trainers I’d blinged up. I used a bigger range of colours on these shoes, as the brighter hues contrasted nicely with the dark blue and black painted leather.
The lilac, pink and red gems glued on
Gems and tweezers


       I was really happy with the finished result, it gave a new lease of life to a slightly tired looking – but still fully functional – pair of good quality shoes.
Super cute and practical
Minimal gems compared to the Missy trainers

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