Thursday 5 December 2013

Easy Christmas crafts

     Keen as mustard, as soon as it was December I ventured into the attic and brought down the Christmas decorations. I was determined to utilise the maximum amount of time for the decorations to be up. Last year I think it was the 23rd before anything was in place, and it was only a little over a week later that they came back down again.
My delicious advent calendar
     Like many houses, we have a sturdy box full of decorations that come out year after year. However, to make it a bit more special this Christmas, I’ve tried to incorporate a few new handmade items into the mix. One of the first things I did was ‘make’ my own advent calendar. Ok so the more astute readers may recognise it as a Ferrero Rocher box, but by writing numbers under each chocolate in gold pen and sticking a little drawing of myself on top I think I’m allowed to call it a craft, or at least a creative activity. Plus, it’s much nicer every day than those little tiny pieces of chocolate that come in standard chocolate calendars.
     Fair enough, that last craft was a bit of a cheeky one, it was basically just an excuse to scoff a Ferrero Rocher each morning. A more authentic (but still easy) craft was making my own Rob Ryan stocking. I’m a bit of a Rob Ryan fan anyway so the chance to incorporate a bit of his magic artwork into my seasonal décor was very quickly snapped up. The stocking comes as a tea towel printed especially with cut lines so that, with a nifty bit of needlework, it can become a beautiful accompaniment to the fireplace.
Stocking and my creepy ceramics
     In retrospect I should have taken photos while I was making it, to show just how easy it was. Although I used my little John Lewis sewing machine, it could just as easily be stitched by hand. It’s actually inspired me to try and make a few more little stockings for the fireplace using the Rob Ryan offcuts and leftover fabric from some red pillow cases I’ve turned into chair seat covers. As long as I can remember the best way to applique and wind a bobbin up I shouldn’t have a problem, stockings are basically just two flat pieces of fabric and a loop so not too tricky to make. If I succeed I’ll take photos and post another blog soon (if no such post appears assume it was a disaster!).
Tree wreath decorations
     One handcrafted set of decorations I’ve put up, which were actually made last year, are little pipe cleaner tree wreath decorations. These came in a kit as a gift last year, a kit I suspect was aimed at children but regardless of that minor detail I had great fun making them. The mini pompoms and stars were particularly tricky to stick on but well worth it. These wouldn’t be hard to make without a kit – simply cut a circle of cardboard and wind coloured pipe cleaners around it, glue on decorations and tie on a string for hanging off of the tree. Perfect for if there are little ones moaning with boredom as the days become shorter and greyer.
     With these few simple crafts my appetite has been whetted, and I’ve got a few other ideas brewing for slightly more ambitious projects. Although I’d better be quick – there’s not long left until Christmas!

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