Friday 1 December 2017

Top present ideas for a sewing fan

The great thing about having a hobby is that it’s easy for friends and family to choose presents for you on special occasions: the bad thing is that often they aren’t sure the right thing to get! As a keen crafter and sewing fan, here are a few ideas of what I think make great gifts for sewing fans.

Funky fabrics! This might seem obvious but the world of fabric can be massively overwhelming if you’ve never bought any before. Try to see what makes and style of fabric your sewing fan likes and see if there’s anything brand new out that they’re unlikely to already have. I love Frumble and Abakhan for new supplies. Next, try to guesstimate how much to buy – if they like patchwork or quilting they might prefer several fat quarters in different styles, but if they like dressmaking they might prefer a couple of whole metres.
Don’t forget the matching thread! If you’re buying fabric, try to get a thread in the same colour too. As with fabric there are different types, but most machines and fabrics will be ok with a ‘general purpose’ thread, and ensure you buy a big enough spool. Remember, if your sewing fan has an overlocker you might need to buy several spools rather than just one. I would suggest not attempting to buy a bobbin as machines do differ and most sewing fans have spare empty bobbins anyway.
Scissors, tailors' chalk and pattern fabric. Good quality scissors are fantastic and if your sewing fan is struggling with ordinary kitchen scissors upgrade them to some brilliant fabric scissors for mega brownie points. Marking pens, pencils and chalks are always handy, and proper dot dash pattern paper is ideal for copying patterns from shop bought designs or making your own patterns.

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