Wednesday 1 November 2017

Not your normal comfort food

I am a habitual snacker. I can’t help it. I must have descended from antelope as I could happily graze all day. Here are a few of my, slightly more indulgent, comfort foods.

Far-far snacks. I used to love these as a child. Growing up in a rural village I’m not sure where my parents managed to source them in the days before internet shopping, but they did! They’re crispy in that way only freshly fried empty calories can be. They barely have any flavour, but it doesn’t stop them being magically moreish.
Fried plantain and eggs. I had a Colombian housemate at university who introduced me to this meal, and I’m so pleased she did. I cook my plantain and eggs in butter so everything becomes caramelised but still strangely savoury, as a tiny bit of my brain thinks I’m eating bananas and egg.

Churros. I’m lucky in that my better half has perfected these and will quite happily whip up a batch sometimes for a super indulgent weekend breakfast. The secret is the chocolate sauce – a cruddy watery sauce will ruin the churros, use a high cocoa chocolate and blend with cream, mmm.

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