Monday 1 January 2018

Very easy ways to feel better after Christmas indulgences

If you’ve braved the shops recently you’ve probably seen the obligatory fitness DVDs, diet recipe books and dubious ‘health’ supplements on offer. Here are a few, painless, ways to feel better after endless weeks of mince pies and brandy.

Herbal tea. It can seem strange at first but soon it’s just habit to switch from the glorious world of caffeine and milk to watery scented beverages, even if it’s just one a day. This fancy pants glass teapot makes it feel much more sophisticated, and also encourages me to drink it all up and not just head back to the espressos.
Yeah, that's a glass of Baileys with my yoga book...

Yoga. I’ve had this book for years and find that a few simple stretches really does make me feel better. Gone have the youthful days of waking up at 6am to do an hour of yoga before university lectures (I must have been mad), now I find a quiet 15 minutes in the evening in my pyjamas is the right balance of manageable and beneficial.

Inspirational mantras. I’m not one of these people who will stand in front of the mirror chanting affirmations, but a few nice words around the house does tend to lift my spirits and provide decoration. These few are from the lovely Chatty Nora, which is also a lovely wellbeing way of buying as supporting small businesses feels much better than lining the pockets of faceless shareholders when buying mass produced ‘art’.

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