Tuesday 10 March 2015

My little 'Seren' toddler tunic dress

     This little tunic top was made for a friend’s daughter who has the rather beautiful name Seren, which may be familiar to the Welsh among you as meaning ‘star’ so, naturally, it had to be a star themed dress!
My little star themed dress
     Using the same pattern as the Ahoy top I choose a lovely red fabric with white stars and then put it with a matching plain red lining.
     I was tempted to go white or red for the buttons but thought that actually the matte brown buttons looked nice and almost gave a vintage feel rather than the shiny plastic buttons that I normally use.
     I used an appliqué technique on my sewing machine to apply a white star and then another red star on top on the front. I think this makes a nice focal point as well as really bringing the star theme to life.
     These tops are great because they can be worn as a dress with tights or when the little one grows they are more like a tunic top and go nicely with leggings. I am really happy with the result and am pleased to report that Seren looked exceptionally cute in it!

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