Tuesday 10 March 2015

How I made my 'Bertie' toddler hoodie

     Regular readers may remember the hoddie I customised for Noah and the great Manscaping fabric I used. Luckily I had a bit left so I set about making another hoodie, this time for a gorgeous little boy I know called Bertie.

The finished back

The customised pockets

     Now first things first, Bertie is a bit too long to spell out in appliqué on a tiny toddler hoodie so I had to have another strategy. Thinking carefully I decided to find a hoodie that didn’t already have pockets and found a great purple one with contrasting shoulder patches.
     Like before I made a panel for the back of the hoodie, however for the front I added two pockets instead. I used Christmas wrapping paper for the patterns as I didn't have any proper pattern paper to hand! 

Pattern piece for the back panel

Cutting out the pocket pieces

Measuring the back panel

Deciding where to place the pockets

     This was really easy, and since few toddler have lots to carry around in their day-to-day life it was more a case of making them look good rather than providing strong storage pockets.
Pockets in position

Close up on the pockets

They are fully functioning!

     The finished result shows how striking contrasting fabrics can be and how a few customised pieces can bring an ordinary piece of clothing to life! I reinforced all the stitching as I went so that it would withstand the rough and tumble of toddler life.

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