Tuesday 10 March 2015

How I made a 'tab top' toddler tunic dress

     This little tunic was made using more or less the same principles as the green dress, but with a few tweaks for simplification. Here there are two different pattern pieces – one front and one back. The front piece dips lower at the neck and the back piece is higher with prominent parts on the shoulder for the buttons to be sewn on to.
Easy to make little tunic top

     I made this using cheap fabric from eBay, which meant that it was quite thin and needed to be lined. I like to line clothes anyway because it gives a neat finish but in this case it was absolutely essential.
     I chose red lining to contrast with the pale blue and also to bring out the flecks of red in the boat pattern. On a whim I decided to have a go at embroidering a word on the front but must say, it was a steep learning curve!
The finished embroidery
     I made this on my little John Lewis machine and it didn’t have a great range of stitches. I ended up sewing the majority of the embroidery by hand, and not especially neatly!
This is why lining is good - hide the mess at the back!
     I also learned the importance of choosing a contrasting thread for embroidery. I eventually had to add green to ensure the word stood out, and then selected green buttons to help bring out the green thread on the embroidered panel even further.
     Once again this was made using one of my homemade patterns and it was very quick to make (apart from the embroidery!) so I’ll undoubtedly be using it again. It is the perfect shape to go with a little pair of leggings with a long sleeve top underneath in winter.

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