Tuesday 1 October 2019

Twinning is winning

What’s better than a custom-made outfit? Matching custom-made outfits! I made two little adorable Nutcracker themed outfits last winter for two very excited little girls who were watching their first ever ballet at the theatre. It took me ages to decide between dresses or skirts and tops, but in the end I went for the latter, since I thought they might get more wear out of the clothes by making them mix and match separates.

Nutcrackers and dancing mice!
There’s a very small timeframe where children will merrily dress in matching clothes before they rebel and refuse to dress alike. I have no doubt that as the children I know grow I’ll get fewer requests for matching clothes, instead it’ll be a case of making clothes to suit to very specific tastes as each child’s personality blossoms.
Matching needle felt hair grips 
In the meantime, I’ll keep making matching bibs, bags, skirts, dresses and anything else that I can, because twinning is winning and super cute!

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