Thursday 1 August 2019

Easy outfit updates – stick a patch on it

The current trend for patches, badges and brooches doesn’t seem to be on the verge of disappearing anytime soon, and why would it. Badges and brooches are an instant way to change the look of an outfit, whereas patches offer a long-term method of updating an item.

Last year, I changed a well-worn smart, slim-fit dress into a loose and comfy casual dress by adding sweatshirt fabric side panels and a large tiger patch across the back. By switching the style and look of the dress I’ve ensured it’ll have a place in my wardrobe for many more years.
Taming the tiger 

I use patches quite often when sewing, and it’s very handy when there’s a particular theme for an item. Last Christmas, a customer wanted a pug-themed bag for their niece, so I sourced some vibrant pug fabric but kept the other side of the bag very plain with denim so the pug and letter patches really stood out. The resulting bag was a huge hit, and the patches added that extra touch I couldn’t have achieved with the patterned fabric alone.
Cute personalised patches 
I’ve used patches on clothes, bags and even shoes, and it always surprises me who well they last. My dress has been chucked in the washing machine and tumble drier several times and always comes out looking fabulous (disclaimer: you’re probably not supposed to machine wash and tumble dry patches but never mind!).
Pre-washing machine but it's still looking just as fierce
My next patch project will be with sequin angel wings. I’ve already got a few ideas of how to use them but keep an eye on my Instagram to see the finished results!

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