Thursday 17 December 2015

My top five Christmas foods

      I’ve been very busy the last few months starting a new job and working on an update of my website, but with Christmas approaching it’s time to slow down and appreciate the really important things in life, like food, and how best to stock my kitchen for that perilous one day of the year when (nearly) all shops are shut and everybody panic buys nine loaves of bread in case there’s a shortage come the 26th of December.

     Part of my new busy routine is that I am hardly ever the one pushing the trolley for our weekly food shop these days, and as such my favourite treats might not always make it through the checkout, so here’s a little reminder for anyone who wants to keep me happy over the festive period.

1. Cheese
It’s not Christmas without cheese. As a child it was standard to get a jar of Stilton in my stocking, the idea being that we had one each and we could tuck into our individual jars with a spoon, much like Americans eat giant tubs of ice cream alone in all those paltry rom coms that Channel 5 will undoubtedly wheel out over Christmas. 
Definition of a balanced diet

2. Christmas pudding that is on fire
It has to be on fire. I nearly set the kitchen (and my hand) alight last year attempting this when friends visited but it was worth the warm tickle of blue flames up my fingers to eat the tasty, boozy scented, flame grilled pudding. Finger burning good.

3. Mince pies
I don’t really trust anyone who doesn’t like mince pies, despite the fact logic tells me they are precisely the type of food that I can understand people not liking. I didn’t discover the joy of warm mince pies with melted brandy butter until my early twenties and now it’s a winter favourite. Yeah that’s right, a winter favourite, I eat them until the Easter eggs come out. 
'Deep filled', words to warm my heart

4. Chocolate yule log encrusted in buttercream
You may be seeing a theme here, food that would make a dentist or cardiologist wince, but tough – it’s Christmas! I love these and demand one every year. Despite the fact they are nearly always completely dry and inedible, and I might as well eat a roll of sugar paste given the overpowering sweetness but hey, who cares, nobody wears those paper cracker hats because they love disposable fashion, they wear them because it’s Christmas and that’s what you do.

5. Selection box of chocolates
Now call me a heathen if you must but I’m not a fan of those giant tins of Quality Street/Heroes/Roses/AllTheOthers. I prefer a nice selection box of truffles or pralines to sit and ruminate over while gradually shoving the whole box in my mouth until I can’t sleep due to cocoa poisoning. 
Always a welcome gift

     So there you have it, my top five foods for Christmas, which I now realise means my top five foods for January will probably all be vegetables and pulses as I’ll be sick of stodge and sugar by then. On the plus side, if you’re invited to my house over the festive period, you now know to wear elasticated trousers.

Merry Christmas and a full-belly new year!

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