Saturday 1 July 2017

Some of my favourite summer holiday treats

The halcyon summer holidays of our childhood seem a bit more stressful as adults with small people to amuse, and even without the small people in the equation there’s such a pressure not to ‘waste’ time off work such that there’s a risk of actually wasting time worrying about wasting time. Here are a few of my favourite ways to spend/waste time, depending on your definition.

Going for a walk in a park or National Trust property estate. The photo above was taken at Trentham Gardens, which has just the right ratio of beautiful scenery to coffee shops for my liking. They also have an outside bar in the summer conveniently situated next to the children’s play area – genius.

As always I like to do some crafts, something without instructions and usually begun on a whim. These stamped quotes came about after finding the hanging frames in a sale after Christmas for 59p each.

I love visiting art galleries and museums but don’t often get a chance these days. This why summer is the best time to go, the long days and (generally) warmer weather mean we can travel a bit further afield and make a day of it.

This exhibition was in Scotland last summer

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