Wednesday 5 February 2014

The best (leftover) Christmas tipples

The festive period might be well and truly over, but our cupboards are still stocked with plenty of leftover delights, especially in the drinks cabinet. So here are my top five favourite drinks for Christmas (or anytime really) and as they are all drinks best enjoyed in small amounts, the odds of overindulging are very slim, so drink carefully and don’t blame me if you’re reaching for the paracetamol in the morning!
  • Bubbly – Whether it’s a sweet Asti or a dry Champagne, bubbles are essential at any celebration, especially when made into a Buck’s Fizz or Bellini. A brut Prosecco is a refreshing alternative to the other many more sickly drinks on offer: more of which to follow… 
    Sweet and light

  • Nutcracker liqueur – Somebody obviously read my Christmas wish list as I was delighted to find a bottle of Nutcracker liqueur from Vom Fass under the tree on Christmas morning. Tasting like a liquid Ferrero Rocher, a little drop is all that is needed to feel warm and cuddly inside, mmm. 
    Liquid pleasure!

  • Gingerbread latte – I got slightly addicted to Costa’s gingerbread lattes in early December, which was proving both expensive and impractical until a friend kindly introduced me to the NescafĂ© – i.e. more economical – alternative. Probably full of terrible fats and sugars, these coffees make a great late afternoon pick me up. Delicious and foolproof. 
    As good as the chain shop coffees
  • Baileys – Basically a dessert in a glass, there is little as welcome as a rich Baileys in lieu of pudding. Whether swirled in coffee, poured over ice cream, or whipped into pouring cream, there are many delicious uses for this silken treat. The ultimate in indulgence, I’ve yet to meet anybody who’ll decline a glass of this creamy bliss when offered. Especially me.
    Just add ice and a glass
  • Port – And finally I’ve chosen Port, because, at the end of a long day of strenuous resting, there is little more relaxing than a snifter of Port. It was only recently I realised just how many varieties of Port there are: tawny, mature, white, etc. Sipped from a specialist port sipper, the theatre of the tipple becomes even more enjoyable.
    Also good with a lemonade mixer

Of course, being British, there is no drink that’ll ever surpass a nice cup of tea, but that deserves a blog post all of its own. 

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  1. I agree with all of these though I've never had the Nutcracker liquor it sounds delicious. I'd also add a Eggnog Latte from Starbucks and a Chai Latte from Costa, both high in calories and both scrumptious :-). Where's my all time favourite winter drink, mulled wine?

    1. There is no such thing as 'leftover' mulled wine unfortunately, or it would have featured highly on the list!