Wednesday 6 November 2013

#SaveTheDay Doctor Who 50th Anniversary

    There’s one day on my calendar currently free and staying free and that’s Saturday 23rd November. For anyone familiar with the madman in the blue box it’s a special day as the 50th anniversary episode airs.
     I should preface this by making it clear I’m not a hardcore fan. I may have decorated my shed so it resembles a Tardis but it does still function fully as a shed, I don’t dress up in a brown pinstripe suit and run around in it discussing transmats with myself. Our screwdrivers are all non-sonic. Likewise, I’ll be watching the episode at home. I’m not dedicated enough to go to the cinema; although I can appreciate it’ll be great on the big screen in 3D, I like my own sofa.
Shame my shed doesn't have a real David Tennant in it...
     However, I’m not going to act coy and pretend I’m not excited. I’ve been rewatching old episodes trying to work out if any of the old storylines and characters will pop up. ‘Silence in the Library’ was a great double parter that saw the introduction, and demise, of River Song. Given the importance of the term ‘silence’ in further episodes I’m really hoping there will be some type of reference back to this story.
    One thing I’m very pleased about is the return of David Tennant (or ‘the Tennant’ as he’s referred to with reverence in our house). We love the Tennant, his return is a great idea and very warmly welcomed. I’m also hoping this means a cameo from Captain Jack might be on the cards, although there are mixed reports in the press about this (yes, I have been guilty of Googling ‘spoilers doctor who’, I am aware this basically makes me a confirmed geek). A return of ‘Mickey the idiot’ and Donna Noble would also be great – and Wilfred Mott if possible!
     I’m only familiar with the revamped series, but I hope the hardcore Who fans are rewarded too. With 50 years to draw from not everything can be included, but even if the nods to nostalgia are subtle they should be there. I’m trusting the BBC to tread the fine line between pleasing the serious fanatics and keeping the episode enjoyable for casual watchers too. It was casually watching a Christmas special at a friend’s house one year that got me hooked: my reluctant husband got drawn in after watching ‘Blink’, and who could blame him.
    Talking of the Weeping Angels I’m pretty sure they won’t be making an appearance, but I have a feeling the Silence definitely will, and maybe the Great Intelligence. We never did find out what was controlling the Tardis when the Pandorica exploded (unless I missed something, in which case please let me know!) and since the Great Intelligence is later shown to be good with technology hacking (‘The Bells of Saint John’) it wouldn’t surprise me if he was behind it. This might tie back to ‘Silence in the Library’ – every book in existence, wouldn’t he love that knowledge?
    Finally, if there’s one thing I want the anniversary episode to clear up it’s what was that freaky ‘clown’ picture in the hallway of ‘The Lodger’ episode?! It literally gave me nightmares that thing. Never mind that the Tardis ‘upstairs’ (similar to the second staircase in Amy's house...) seemed to be the one seen later with the Silence round it in ‘Day of the Moon’, was that strange picture of Dr Simeon? Or just to make sure that nobody gets any sleep before the anniversary airs? Either way, I hope it doesn’t make a repeat appearance so I end up watching the episode through my clasped fingers, cosy on my sofa, poised for some long overdue answers.
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